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Seller’s Guide

Seller’s Guide

Welcome To Central Wisconsin Properties

Matthew is delighted that you have chosen a Coldwell Banker Action Realty Realtor® to be your guide through the process of selling your property. Selling your home, farm, or business can be an overwhelming task, given the legal complexities and all of the of details that are part of the process. Matthew will help you through the entire process, from marketing your property, to finding a buyer, to the final steps of the closing. Matthew is committed to making the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, while working to get the best price for your property.

How Matthew Will Work for You!


  • Matthew will begin by completing a Market Analysis of your property to find out what homes in your neighborhood are selling for currently. With this information he can help you determine an appropriate pricing strategy for your property.
  • He will conduct a thorough walk through of your property to make recommendations on how to best prepare for sale.
  • He will create a marketing campaign for your property. Since every property is unique, he will work to create a plan that displays your property in its best light.


Closing the Sale

  • Once he’s located a Buyer, Matthew will work to complete the Offer to Purchase contract.
  • He will negotiate for you to help sell your home quickly and profitably
  • He maintain constant communication between all agents, the lender, buyers and you.
  • He’ll arrange with the buyer for inspections, appraisals, order title insurance and document preparation.
  • He also schedule, prepare for and attend your closing to insure a smooth transaction

Getting your Property Ready to Show

In order to show your property in its best light, you will need to review its condition and appearance. You will want to take the time to look thoroughly through each room, the exterior, the yard and your garage. Is there anything that can be done to improve the overall look and appeal of the house? Cleaning up is essential too. Any amount of money spent on repairs & improvements can make a big difference in the final price.

Many buyers buy on emotion and you will want to capitalize on that. If your home gives a great first impression, buyers will remember it better than other properties they tour. If your home is already empty, you should look into the option of having a designer stage the space. People do not always see how to best utilize a floor plan when it is an empty shell.

Things To Consider…


  • Power wash or paint siding, patios, the driveway and any other “curb appeal” areas.
  • Repair shutters, window boxes, exterior trim, gutters & down spouts.
  • Paint the front door and look into replacing the mailbox.
  • Replace or repair torn mosquito screens and cracked windows.
  • Cut the lawn regularly, trim landscaping, weed gardens, & reseed bare spots in the yard. Remove all snow and ice for scheduled showings.
  • Plant colorful flowers, add mulch to your plant beds.
  • Remove all debris from yard. Clean up all children’s areas too.
  • Clean all cobwebs from doors, corners and outdoor gathering areas.


  • Paint hallways & rooms neutral colors, and touch up any
    areas that have been marked up.
  • Steam clean or replace stained & worn carpeting throughout.
  • Clean and remove mildew from bath tub and shower areas.
  • Replace any missing tiles in the bathroom & kitchen.
  • Clean the basement and remove all cobwebs.
  • Organize & clean the garage thoroughly.
  • Clean all windows of dirt, streaks and grime, inside & out.
  • Make sure all lights are working & bulbs replaced – particularly in basement, closets and outdoors.
  • Remove items from counters that are not used on a regular basis to make them appear bigger and cleaner.
  • Have dishes done and put away, beds made and table surfaces clean.
  • Open all drapes and blinds.
  • Clean the exterior and interior of your kitchen appliances.
  • Avoid having people or animals present during showings so buyers can visualize the home as their own.
  • Dust the surface of the furnace and water heater.
  • Repair or replace loose door knobs, cabinet hardware, sticking doors or windows,  and dripping faucets.
  • Remove as many personal photos & items to allow buyers to “see” their belongings in the space.

Tips for a Smooth Closing

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly during the transition from “your house” to “their house”. Make sure everything included in purchase agreement remains on the property and that the property is in the same general condition as it was at the time the offer was written.

Things to Do Prior to Closeing

  • Order final gas and electric bills.
  • Cancel Cable.
  • Notify post office of address change, cancel or switch subscriptions.
  • Organize all manuals for personal property being left behind.
  • Make final inspection to be sure nothing is forgotten. Look through closets, cupboards, basement, garage, attic, storage buildings, etc.
  • Turn off lights. Close and lock windows and doors.
  • Leave home only after the moving truck is on its way.
  • Forward mail. You can do this online at moversguide.usps.com.

What to Bring

  • All keys and garage door openers.
  • Drivers License or other photo ID for notarizing paperwork.

What to Expect

A typical closing lasts about an hour. It usually takes place at a title company. You’ll sign documents, such as the closing statement, transfer tax return and the new deed giving title to the buyer. You’ll give the keys and garage door openers to the new owners of your home, and take your check to the bank!

Things to Do After Closing
During the first week after moving:

  • Mail that has been forwarded from your old address will have a yellow address label on it. Notify the sender of your new address.
  • Register to vote. Call your local board of elections for specific registration information. Ask them how to notify your previous voting district of your change of address.
  • Call the Department of Sanitation in your new town to find out which day is trash collection. Also ask whether your new community has recycling programs.

Call your Chamber of Commerce for helpful info on:

  • Schools
  • Cultural events and community activities
  • Libraries and parks


As a seller, Matthew can help you locate services & service providers to help you in preparing your property for sale. If you need repair work or want to make some updates, he can give you the names of reliable companies who will get the job completed and done the right way.

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